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What is your favorite thing about Romance? Let’s talk about it! Starting on Friday and ending on August 31st, over 200 Authors and Bloggers will share their favorite things about romance, reading romance, and dating.

In Deadly Obsession, the first book in my Deadly Vices series, the hero, Nic Lamoureux is a movie star pursued by a relentless stalker. About three-quarters into the story, Nic gives a series of interviews, off the page. I have the distinct pleasure today of sharing one of those interviews with you. I hope you’ll find Nic as funny and romantic as I do.

Interview with Nic Lamoureux

This is Cassandra Kelley, reporter for Entertainment Buzz. I’m sitting here with Nic “The Lover” Lamoureux in an undisclosed location outside Montréal. We’ve got an exclusive interview with Nic and he’s got a real bombshell to drop. Is it about a new film? Is it about the stalker, or is it about his new girlfriend? Join us and find out!

1. CK: So after the smash success of Bad Days, what’s next on tap for Nic The Lover?

NL: After Bad Days, I wanted a change of pace, so I’ll be doing At Last, a romantic comedy, which starts filming soon. I’ll miss doing my own stunts, but I’ll certainly enjoy not having all the bruises.

2. CK: You’re known as Nic The Lover, the sexiest man in Hollywood, so At Last sounds right up your alley. Are you comfortable being a sex symbol?

NL: Nic The Lover is an image that has worked very well for me over the years. But that’s all it is. I don’t wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and think: Wow! I’m awesome.
[He laughs.] Seriously, it can get a little surreal sometimes. Everyone thinks they know me, but all they really know is the image. And the paparazzi are relentless. I hardly think it’s an event when I go to the restroom, yet they’ve followed me in there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. There are a lot worse things to be known for. 🙂

3. CK: The “Luv me, Luv me” song seems to have become your unofficial theme. Has anything interesting happened to you as a result of that song?

NL: What is it with people and that song? More than once my fans have started stripping to it. I love their enthusiasm, but I’d appreciate not being treated to impromptu stripteases. There’s a time and a place for that. [He winks.]

Kristine: Readers, do you know this song? It’s worth a listen 🙂

4. CK: You have millions of very zealous fans. One of the most infamous is NicsBitch, who appears to be stalking you. Would you care to comment about that? Is she, or he, stalking you?

NL: There have been some incidents, but it’s something I’d rather not discuss.

CK: Without giving any specifics, can you tell us how it’s made you feel to be stalked?

NL: Every aspect of my life is impacted. Nothing is private, nothing is sacred. I have to have a bodyguard twenty-four hours a day, and I hate it.

CK: Does this make you want to change the focus of your Hollywood image?

NL: I’ve been wanting to change my image for a while now, but my agent assured me it would affect my marketability. At this point, I don’t care about that anymore. I’m in a great relationship, and maybe it’s time for Nic The Lover to change his playboy ways.

5. CK: What do you think makes a woman sexy?

NL: Her humor, her confidence, and her intellect.

CK: Come on. Humor, confidence, intellect. That’s what turns Nic The Lover on? Be honest.
You’ve dated some of the hottest women in Hollywood. Those were the qualities that attracted you to them?

NL: [He flushes and looks away.] They were all attractive. But it wasn’t until I met Lauren that I learned what really matters. She’s more attractive to me than any Hollywood starlet past, present, or future.

6. CK: Tell us a little about Lauren James. Will she be the one to take Nic The Lover off Hollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelor’s list?

NL: Lauren is very special to me. I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. She’s given me back my life, my future.

CK: Do I hear wedding bells?

NL: [He grins.] Ding dong. She did say “yes.”

CK: Oh my God! You heard it here first, folks. Nic The Lover, Hollywood’s perennial playboy, is engaged!

NL: I prefer to say Nic Lamoureux is engaged, but yes. That’s the gist of it.

7. CK: So you’re going to be a stepfather. How do you feel about that?
NL: It’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly. His father died in service to his country, so I have a lot to live up to.

CK: Do you think you’re prepared?
NL: Well, I’ve watched every episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, which he loves, so we do have a common point of reference. But seriously, the idea both terrifies me and excites me. Jason is a great kid and I already love him like crazy.

8. CK: Are you hoping to have children of your own?
NL: Lauren and I have talked about it a little. We both want children, but we disagree on how many. She seems to think that enough to field my own hockey team is a no-go.

9. CK: What’s been the most romantic moment in your relationship with Lauren so far?
NL: We’ve had a lot of romantic moments. A real turning point in our relationship was when I gave her a very special gift. And no, it wasn’t when I gave her the engagement ring.

CK: What was the gift? You can’t leave us hanging this way.
NL: Oh, yes I can. [He laughs.] Don’t you know the oldest secret of show biz? Always leave them wanting more!

CK: Nic The Lover, true to form.  He’s one big tease. This is Cassandra Kelley for Entertainment Buzz. Thank you for joining us.

* * *
Do you want to know what Nic’s special gift to Lauren was? Read the excerpt from Deadly Obsession below.

Excerpt from Deadly Obsession

Lauren shimmied into her new gown and stepped into the matching heels. The style of the dress demanded an up-do. She pulled a few pins from her makeup kit and twisted her hair into a loose bun, leaving a few wispy curls on either side of her face. Looking into the mirror, she sighed. The material draped her body perfectly, making her feel almost beautiful. She’d been raised middle-class and had never lacked for anything, but this outfit was a step beyond, almost magical in the way it transformed her from Miss Nobody to Miss Nic The Lover’s Date.

Her hand rose to rest on her chest. Seeing the emptiness where the dog tags had lain for the last five years left an odd feeling in the pit of her stomach. Had she done the right thing? She’d broken her vow for Nic, a man who didn’t trust her fully. And if he didn’t trust her, could she trust him?

Hearing Nic enter the room, she turned away from the mirror. The sight of him stopped her mid-step. It was incredibly bad manners to stare, but she did it anyways. The impeccably tailored black tuxedo molded his chest and broad shoulders, while the white dress shirt contrasted beautifully with his dark hair and tanned complexion. A gray silk waistcoat and matching bow tie completed the outfit, adding a fashionable twist. This was definitely not her father’s tux. Closing her eyes, she pictured herself smoothing her hands over his chest, the feel of the expensive material, the hardness of his muscles….

“Lauren.” Nic cleared his throat. “Why’d you close your eyes? Do I look that bad?”

Her eyes popped open. Was he frickin’ kidding? His lopsided smile answered her question. But then she had a question of her own. Why imagine, when Nic was standing right in front of her? With a slow sway to her hips, she approached him and let her hands run wild.

His heart pounded rapidly and his chest muscles bunched beneath her palms. Relieved, she smiled. He might be upset with her for pushing him about Rachel, but at least he wasn’t turning away from her.

He gripped her wrists. “Uh-uh-uh.” Her heart plummeted. Maybe she’d been wrong after all. But then he grinned and his eyes held a promise. “There’ll be time for that later.”

Still grinning, he tugged on her wrist and positioned himself behind her in front of the mirror. “I have something for you. Close your eyes.” His words whispered against her skin, making her shiver. She squeezed her lids tight as he draped something warm around her neck. “You can look now.”

“Oh my God,” she breathed, her hand instantly going to the necklace of pink and orange crystals. “It’s beautiful.” Having worn only stainless steel for so long, she’d forgotten what it was like to wear actual jewelry. Her cheeks flushed when she saw her reflection in the mirror. “I feel like a princess.”

“And you look like one, chérie. But something’s missing.” His hands reached up and an earring appeared at each ear. He smiled. “Do you think these will match?”

Her eyes rounded until she feared they might actually pop out of her head. Then they welled up. “They’re perfect,” she whispered past the lump in her throat. Tears spilled over onto her cheeks as she put the earrings on. Thank God she’d bought waterproof make-up.

When she was done, he turned her around and kissed away the tears, and brushed his mouth across hers. “Not nearly as perfect as you are.” Taking advantage of her parted lips, he deepened the kiss. Her heart overflowing with emotion, she leaned into him and sighed. God, how she loved this man.

Deadly Obsession (Deadly Vices, Book 1)

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190 Responses

  1. My most romantic evening was dinner concert & lots of loving =)

  2. i am not really in a relationship right now but the most romantic thing that i have EVER read in a novel was when i was reading Lord of the rings and how faramir wooed eowyn very gently and lovingly in the tower of healing

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to meet you.

  4. I adore these interviews with characters.. and the Habs symbol doesn't hurt either 🙂 thank you for participating

  5. One of my favorite romantic moments from a novel is the proposal in Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard.
    molly dot frenzel at gmail dot com

  6. I know it's very cliche, but when my husband proposed to me twenty years ago it was the most romantic moment ever. He's not a romance kind of guy and he went all out – fancy dinner, flowers, walk on by the water, and down on one knee.

    Love the pretty necklace!

    kesummer69 at gmail dot com

    • Kelsey, we each interpret romance differently, and I think a man who isn't normally all hearts and flowers who goes out of his way to make his proposal night so special for his chosen is very romantic. Congratulations on your long and wonderful marriage, and good luck with the giveaways!

  7. Most romantic thing done for me, my husband planned our wedding, we were married in Hawaii on a sailboat at sunset. All I had to do was show up with my wedding dress and his ring!

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  8. My most romance moment was when my husband proposed to me by a waterfall. It was a magic moment.

    fencingromein at hotmail dot com

  9. Great interview!

  10. I love your blog. What a great place to get "down and to the point" with Nic. Fun interview and what a great and complete list. Nice. Hops like this are so encouraging. Terrific.

    justinbog at mac dot com

    • I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview with Nic. He's a great character and it was a blast letting him express himself freely. The blog hop was organized by Carrie Ann Ryan who did a fabulous job, as usual. Best of luck with the giveaaways!

  11. Kristine – the most romantic thing: my husband and I eloped and got married on a boat in Lake Tahoe. Five years later we took another cruise on the same boat and he surprised me with a diamond to replace the plain band I had gotten married with.


    • Oh wow, Laura. That's so wonderful. I think for me the second trip would have been even more romantic than the first because it proves how much he loves you. Best of luck with the giveaways!

  12. My most romantic moment was just an ordinary day… with the extraordinary man who randomly whispered to me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me.

  13. Loved your interview with Nic, and what a fabulous romantic excerpt!

  14. What a lovely necklace! And what a yummy sounding book!

    My husband once drove all the way from Midland, TX to Lubbock, TX to buy me a watch that he wanted for me. It has a black onyx face and a mother of pearl butterfly inlay. It's truly lovely, though it no longer runs. I still have it in my jewelry box. I couldn't believe he would drive two hours away just to buy me a watch!


    • Barbara, when a man goes further than the local mall to get you a gift, it really says something about how important you are to him. I hope some day you get to read Deadly Obsession and see what a romantic Nic is too 🙂 Good luck!

  15. roses

  16. In Wicked Deeds on a Winters Night, when Bowen is washing his Mari's hair, I just for some reason find that really romantic. Thx for giveaway.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

    • Lona, I haven't read Wicket Deeds, but I do find the idea of a man washing his woman's hair to be very romantic. It's so loving and the scalp massage is divine. Thank you for sharing and best of luck with the giveaways!

  17. What a great hop! Grand prizes, old friends to visit and new ones to meet… and chances to win at each stop too. I’m in Blog heaven!
    My husband while on a cross country trip with his family (we were dating at that time) mad them stop in several small towns so he could get me a coffee cup from each of them cause he knew I collected obscure/different coffee cups.
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.

  18. My husband took me to see my favorite Celtic band at a local Irish pub. 🙂


  19. I can not pick just one. I think hearing what hubby told my father when he asked him for permission to marry me (not that he needed it) was up there.

  20. My husband asking me to marry him is my most romantic memory 🙂

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  21. The day my husband surprised me with a beautiful watch while I was at work.

  22. I can't think of one stand-out romantic moment with my husband. We don't do grand gestures, but you know it's the little things!
    deedee [at] grifmail [dot] com

  23. My husband shaved his head when I lost mine in Chemo – I woke from my nap and heard the razor going. He did a strip down the middle so he couldn't back out.


  24. wow their are some great ones on her guess I am still waiting for my moment

    • Everything in its time, mciamcia. When the right person comes along, you'll know because suddenly everything will seem more romantic 🙂 Thank you for commenting and best of luck with the giveaways!

  25. My hubby gave me pearls as wedding gift. I didn't even mention them to him. I asked a friend if I could borrow hers and he overheard. When I opened them I cried … which lead to a minor makeup crisis but it got fixed. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. My boyfriend,Josh, gave me a necklace that had 'Josh's Angel' engraved in on the front of the heart with 'I love you' on the back. It's very pretty and I couldn't help but to fall more in love with him from that day on, haha. 🙂

    Crystal Craig

  27. The most romantic moments for me are when I come home to find dinner and a bottle of wine on the table, I love that.
    Thanks for the chance.

  28. Romantic moments are few & far between – that's why a read romance novels.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  29. The most romantic thing my DH ever did? He gives terrific gifts, usually jewelry.
    mcv111 at hotmail dot com

  30. J.F.A
    hi just commenting and hoping to be entered into both giveaways yay!

  31. I think the most romantic moment my husband gave me was when he made me close my eye & had me guessing what my birthday gifts were. One he had me place my hand in a tupperware filled with sand. Thought that this was a unique way to tell me that he was taking me away to somewhere tropical & with a beach.

  32. My husband surprised me with a lobster and steak dinner when we were dating. We were dealing with the aftermath of Katrina, working unbelievable hours and he took the time to make me a fabulous dinner. He still does it when time allows.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

    • That was very sweet and thoughtful of him, Michelle! He knew you were dead tired and wanted to do something special to show you how much he cared. And it obviously worked since he is now your husband 😀 Thank you for sharing and best of luck with the giveaways!

  33. What a fun interview and I loved the excerpt from Deadly Obsession.
    Great good luck with this book. I hope it zooms right to the top.

    • That's so kind of you, J.D.! I'm really glad you enjoyed the interview and the excerpt, and I'm very flattered by your great compliment. I wish you great success with your books as well!

  34. Not the most romantic ever but in Beauty & the Feast, the hero takes care of the heroine after she had a bicycle accident.
    bituin76 AT hotmail DOT com

  35. For the life of me I can't pluck a special moment out of a book–and I haven't had any myself, lol. Sooooo…just entering. Cheers!
    Samantha Jane

  36. Unfortunately I haven't had my own moment yet but there are just so many to choose from in the books I've read. I would have to say one thing I love in books are when the characters are secretly in love with one another and something dangerous or dramatic happens that brings out the feelings and they finally tell the other. Thanks for the awesome and amazing giveaway!

    • Ah yes, the secret love. I have a version of that in my second book, Deadly Addiction. It's actually a forbidden love, and since I write romantic suspense, something dangerous happens that brings it out of both of them 🙂 Thank you for visiting and commenting. Good luck!

  37. Romance in my life has yet to come. But I love everything romantic, I read a lots of books and watch romantic movies!
    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  38. I'm hoping I have not yet had my most romantic moment yet. I mean I've had moments and am thankful for them, but have yet to have that sweep my off my feet make me all gooey moment. Can't wait for it though! Until then I'll just keep reading 🙂 Going to have to check Nic out next.

    • Andrea, I'm kind of like you. I've had moments, but nothing worthy of sweeping me off my feet. LOL In the meantime, it's my pleasure to write romantic heroes who dazzle the heroines (and readers!) in unexpected ways. I think you'll love Nic 🙂 Good love with the giveaways!

  39. For me, romance is all about the trust and respect built between the characters. Since I write BDSM, these elements are very important.
    Thank you for participating in the blog hop!

    • Qwillia, my next novella will have some elements of that, and I can easily see how trust and respect would be the key. In fact, their trust and respect in each other would have to be much higher than in a vanilla relationship since more is at stake. Thank you for sharing and commenting. Good luck!

  40. My most romantic moment I would have to say was when my husband proposed. We had breakfast in a park during sunrise. It was fabulous! Fun Blog! krystalshannan@yahoo(dot)com

    • A breakfast proposal – how original! Several people mentioned sunset proposals, which I'm sure are absolutely lovely, but a sunrise proposal is very unique. Congratulations and good luck with the giveaway!

  41. I love when my husband touches the nape of my neck , it is his way of showing me his love for me…I also love when he set's up our massage table and calls me to our bedroom to give me a full body massage….that is romance…

  42. Hi Kristine and all, always late to the party, have Obsession in my TBR pile going to the top this week. Heart throbbing sensual story. Most romantic is when weak my husband will do the household chores and served me dinner. Shared the Blue Moon with me last night. Congratulations of all your successes. Wish you many more.

    • You're only fashionably late to the party, Book Reviews 🙂 We're hopping until Monday night. You are right, I think it can be extremely romantic when a partner does the domestic chores for us so we can relax and recharge our batteries. No energy, no romance 🙂 And thank you so much for putting Deadly Obsession at the top of your TBR list! I hope you'll enjoy Nic and Lauren's story. Good luck with the giveaways!

  43. When no matter what is going my needs are put before anyone elses. That is a romantic moment for me. We have so many things going on in our live from kids to school that we always seem to put those things first, but whenever my husband takes the time to actually put the brakes on those other things and focus on me is the most romanctic thing that he can do.

  44. A kiss on the hand gets me every time!

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  45. My husband has taken me away for some pretty awesome weekends 😉


  46. This is a wonderful giveaway, Kristine. Pinned those pictures of the knecklaces on my Pinterest Page. There so pretty.


  47. Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaways! This is so much fun! Thank you! My favorite thing about romance is the romance. lol I love the characters, the plots, the HEA's, the love. I love it all! I dont have a romantic moment. And in a book? Oh my, thats a hard one! Theres so many. And now i feel like im under pressure and cant think of one. lol There was a scene in a book where the hero serenaded the heroine. He filled her bathtub with chocolate and hired a orchestra to play the baby lullaby for her and they played all night long. The heroine is pregnant and the hero screwed up. Hes now pulling out all the stops to get her back. It was so sweet!

    • "He filled her bathtub with chocolate and hired a orchestra" – now that sounds kinky! LOL I'm sure it was very sweet. The pregnant heroine and the hero working to win her back always tugs at my heartstrings. Thank you for sharing and good luck with the giveaways!

  48. One that is a pretty necklace and I really hope I win it. See I did read the post. ;0) I think the most romantic was when my hubby took me to see Wicked when it played in Los Angeles. It was our first night out after our son was born. :0)


    • Haha – you made me laugh, Jesse. Thank you for reading the post 🙂 I remember the first time I went out after having my first child. I felt terrified and liberated, all at once. It's wonderful that he took you to see Wicked. It proves that the move was planned and to me that's romantic 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and good luck with the giveaways!

  49. That necklace is so pretty. The most romantic moment in my life was probably when my husband gave me my birthday present this year. He bought me a purse to match my favorite wallet and the fact that he remembered me saying a few times I wanted it and the exact pattern was so romantic!

    lindsayavalon (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Lindsay – I agree! It shows that he's paying attention and again, he was planning ahead. A lot of men find themselves running to the grocery store to get some old flowers on the day of because they've forgotten. But not your husband! Thank you for sharing and good luck with the giveways!

  50. The necklace is beautiful! Thanks for the excerpt and the awesome giveaway!
    ehaney578 at aol dot com

    • Elizabeth, I'm so happy that people like the necklace I'm offering. With jewelry, you just never know 🙂 Thank you for reading the excerpt and commenting. Best of luck with the giveaways!

  51. When my husband proposed, down on one knee. That's the moment.

  52. The most romantic thing my husband did was have the house professionally cleaned before bringing me and our 5th son home. It was wonderful!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    • Your 5th son?! Wow. I can't imagine having five children, but kudos to your husband for getting the house professionally cleaned. I'm sure you had many more things to do than pick up a mop! Thank you so much for sharing and best of luck with the giveaways 🙂

  53. I've been married 32 years and this last year has been rough as my husband went out to visit his mom and found out she was in 4stage of renal failure. My husband was flying out there every other week (he's retired)and was worrying all the time about Mom. I finally convinced him to stay out there with her – she died in Feb, and he is still out trying to settle her estate ( it has been 16 months since he's been home).

    The most romantic thing I've experience – A text that said simply: I Love You and Miss you – Thank you.

    This is a wonderful giveaway…thanks
    kcnrhtx (at) charter (dot) net

    • Kimberley, wow. That must be so hard for both of you. I hope he can things settled soon and get back home. But yes, a text like that is very special and romantic, and I'm sure it went a long way in making you feel better. Thank you for sharing and best of luck with the giveaways!

  54. When my husband and I were first dating, we were talking on the phone one night and I wasn't feeling very good because of allergies and sinuses, but I didn't have any more medicine at the house. Before I knew it there was a knock on the door and he was handing me a box of sinus meds and a bag of peanut butter M&M's (my favorite). I knew right then he was a keeper.


    • Oh, yes. That's the sign of a keeper for sure. You didn't have to ask him to help you out, he just did it, and it meant even more to you. Awesome. Thank you for sharing and good luck with the giveaway!

  55. I had a dream vacation in Hawaii last summer. Very special and very romantic to say the least, lets just say lots of relaxation on the beach, and lots of sex!!! Ah, hopefully there will be a repeat in the future 😉

    • Whoo-hoo! Now that's my kind of romantic vacation. I hope I can get to Hawaii sometime. In my upcoming novella, Under His Command, the hero and heroine will be spending a 6-years late honeymoon in Hawaii and indulging in the much same as you did 🙂 Thank you for sharing and best of luck with the giveaway!

  56. Great interview! My most romantic moment was when my hubby arranged a big surprise one Christmas and asked me to marry him in front of our families. I was very surprised even though we'd been talking about getting married one day ( I was only 17 at the time). We got married the weekend after I turned 18.

  57. My most romantic experience with my husband was when we were dating and went to the park for a stroll. It started to snow…it was so beautiful! We started laughing and held each others hands spinning with our heads facing up to the sky. It was dark and the way the snow flakes were coming down rapidly covering every surface. The old lamp posts around the park highlighted every single snow flake. The stage was set for that magical moment.

    We have had others but that one wins hands down!! lol!!

    • Oh, I can picture that perfectly! Everything looks bright because of the light reflecting on the snow. It all looks picture-perfect. It sounds like it was super romantic and fun. Thank you for sharing and best of luck on the giveaways!

  58. Thanks for being part of the hop

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  59. Nic's story sounds like a great read!

    My daughters partner surprised her middle of the night return from work with rose petals leading from the front door of their building to the elevator where they spelled I Love You and then leading to their front door and into their apartment for Valentines day…sigh..very romantic.

    maryjooller [at] yahoo [dot] com

    • Wow! Now that takes planning and timing. You're daughter is one lucky woman 🙂 And thank you – I hope you get the chance to read Nic's story. He can be quite romantic as well 😉 Thank you for commenting and best of luck with the giveaways!

  60. We had a miscarriage 10 years ago. Had to stay in the hospital overnight. The next morning he brought me a stuffed gorilla couple hugging with a hear between them saying I love you. Still have it sitting on top of our entertainment center


  61. For me my most romantic moment was when my husband proposed. He was so excited that he had picked up my custom made ring that the moment he walked in the door he came straight into the kitchen and dropped to one knee. Here I was cooking dinner at the stove and my son was at the kitchen table doing homework. My husband tearfully told me how much we meant to him and then opened the ring box. To me, it showed how much he could not wait to spend the rest of his life with me. Instead of arranging a sentimental moment, he showed me how much he truly loved me that he could not wait to express his true love.

  62. I would have to say when my husband proposed, he is not an emotional guy but got dressed up and for a jeans and tshirt guy thats special! He proposed at dinner and then went dancing! He has done other things over the years as we are coming up on our 10 year anniversary but the little things I think are most important!
    allysonbrann06 at yahoo dot com

    • I agree, Allyson. Some men just aren't particularly romantic, but we appreciate their efforts to make us happy on a daily basis. And hey! Dinner and dancing is very romantic. Kudos to your hubby 🙂 Thank you for sharing and best of luck with the giveaways!

  63. Nice giveaway.

    Romantic… I've been married for 27yrs. It's the special things he does when I least expect it that makes my heart melt.

    kmnbooks at yahoo dot com

  64. once when me and the hubs were dating he always did sweet little things. and one night on a wkend getaway he wrote I love you in the sand right outside our window. of course it was only a sand box but it was sweet none the less 😉

  65. Thanks for the great giveaway! and no I have never had any good dating experience or any boyfriend for that matter XD

  66. Mine was with an ex-boyfriend. He went out of town on a guys trip but had one of his co-workers leave flowers & a card on my doorstep saying he missed me while he was gone. I was surprised, shocked and amazed that a man thought ahead of time. 😀

  67. Why I like Romance Novels….The reason I like Romance Novels so much is because it is one place where I can be anywhere like England, Scotland, Rome, Ireland, or anywhere in the US. I can also be in any time like 1200’s Scotland, 1500’s England, 1900’s Chicago. I can be anyone like a princess, a servant, a werewolf, a duchess, a vampire, or a lost soul. But no matter what I get the privilege and the experience to overcome many different obstacles and find love. Let me tell you in this world, and during this time where life can have so many struggles it is great that you can be, have, and do so many things to find love and romance and still be yourself!
    Tammy Turner

  68. weekend in a secluded cabin. havebookwillsurvive at

  69. What an awesome spot and the hop is fabulous. I love this book and author! Enter me please?
    What else is there besides Hot Romance novels??? LOL Oh, yeah there is those 'other' books! Give me a hot book and I will be gone for a while.

    • Aw, thank you so much, Leanore! I love you and your books too 🙂 I'm with you–I like my books (read and written) to be HOT, HOT, HOT! Thank you for visiting and best of luck with the giveaways!

  70. Thanks for the blog hop!

  71. I have my own personal most romantic moment with my hubby…Valentine's Day 1999. I had been in the hospital and a medical "halfway" house for 2 months, after a bone marrow transplant for leukemia, and my hero of a hubby suprised me with what I thought was to be a visit home. What I didn't know was that he had arranged for us to come home and stay. It was grandly and wonderfully romantic and very special.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

    • Now you made me tear up, Catherine! That must have been such a fantastic surprise and yes, extremely romantic. Good for you finding such a wonderful husband! Thank you for sharing and best of luck with the giveaways! (PS.I'm glad you're doing better now!)

  72. Thanks tons for the hop! I only read romance. My fav is Lora Leigh! Going to parade Monday with brothers and sisters! Should be FUN!

  73. Pretty necklace, Kristine. And loved the interview with Cassandra Kelley. 🙂

  74. Great interview and excerpt, Kristine! And Beautiful necklace. 🙂

  75. Great series, congrats!

  76. The most romantic moment that I have shared with anyone would have to be with a very good friend of mine, he got me presents for valentine's day and then gave me my first kiss. Thanks for being a part of the hop. I hope that you have a great labor day weekend.
    jessangil at gmail dot com

  77. My husband took me out to lunch one Valentine's Day. As we got into the car, he reached in his pocket saying something was digging into him and pulled out a beautiful ring.

    shermie40 at yahoo dot com

  78. Most romantic moment was on our honeymoon! He upgraded our suite to include a butler and reserved spa sessions for me! I loved our butler, I did not have to worry about anything for a whole week! After plainning a wedding, working, and taking care of our 2 year old daughter, I was a little stressed by the time we went on our honeymoon so to me it was romantic that he took all the stress away for a week! Between him and our butler I was in heaven!

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  79. When my husband and I went on our honeymoon, it was to an unfamiliar place, and I ended up having a really bad allergic reaction to surrounding plants. The only place I could breathe well was in the indoor hotel pool because it was so moist and humid, so that is where we spent the best times of our honeymoon – just playing in the pool and having fun.

    jochibi AT yahoo DOT com

    • LOL! Seriously, I've had allergies like that and it is not fun. I'm so glad you were able to make the best of a difficult situation and save your honeymoon! Thank you for sharing and best of luck with the giveaways 🙂

  80. Thanks for the contest!
    For our first anny my husband sent two dozen for my fav flowers to my work!

  81. thanks for participating
    tjandbcd at optonline dot net

  82. We had an evening military wedding. I was so nervous but it turned out beautiful, and yes romantic!

  83. Any happily ever after scenes in books


  84. The way my fiance proposed to me..
    During Thanksgiving my family tradition before dishing food is we say a prayer then follow that with what we are thankful in our lives.. When it came time for my fiance to say what he was thankful for, he stood up and said "I thankful for the most passionate loving woman in my life that has put up with me being a pain and everything and that has added 30 pounds to me during the course of relationship" and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him…
    Marriage is in June.


  85. Thank you for the great giveaway! What a fun blog hop I love romance with happy endings!

  86. Hahaha! I love the video btw 😉 My most romantic moment was when I first met my boyfriend – I thought he wasn't going to turn up but when he did he kissed me for so long that I stopped being anxious about it! 😀

    • I'm glad you like the video, Kazzy! Since I began writing Deadly Obsession, it's become one of my favorites 🙂 Thank you for sharing your romantic moment and best of luck with the giveaways!

  87. Most romantic moment was having a surprise lunch date with my husband. It's the little unplanned things that do it for me. Thanks for being part of this romance hop!

    • Jessie – sounds like you had a fun and special time with your husband on your lunch date! It's always enjoyable to break up the routine with some thing unpredictable. Best of luck with the giveaways!

  88. When my boyfriend fixed a candlelight dinner and gave me a dozen roses.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  89. I love when books (especially happens in historicals) end with a HEA and the birth of a child, both parents very happy 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  90. The day he actually one-upped me with Valentines day. He came home with a box full of candles, clothes, teas,a spa gift card and a handful of Gerber daisies. He said he had no clue what to get me because he had never bought a valentine gift for a girl before that was not chocolates and he wanted it to be ME (oh the box was a huge wooden ornate box for me to use on my altar)and he knows I love chocolate but he buys it all the time. It was an awwwwwww moment big time. That is a PG one I cannot put the MOST romantic moment it was STEAMEH!

  91. LOL, Kriss! Thank you for sharing your PG romantic moment with us 🙂 It was incredibly sweet of him to get you a bunch of different items he knew you would enjoy. Sounds like he did exactly the right thing. Best of luck with the giveaways!

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