One team. One passion. One very hot fire station.

Series Overview

Six-Alarm Sexy is the story of the men and women of Seattle’s technical rescue team at  Fire Station 44. The first five books each feature one of the Caldwell family siblings: Jamie, William, Drew, Chad, and Tori. While the series is erotic romance, it also delves into the difficulties and struggles of being a firefighter as well as being the lover or family member of a firefighter. These men and women risk their lives every day. Stress accumulates. Tensions mount. Emotions explode.

As you can well imagine, adrenaline junkies such as these heroes and heroines tend to be a little on the wild side when it comes to their sex life. This is not a BDSM series, although BDSM does figure heavily in some of the stories. Each hero and heroine is different, and each has their own kink or fetish. The fun is in figuring out how some of these very unlikely hookups can ever result in a happily ever after.

There are currently five books planned in the Six-Alarm Sexy series. But with a technical rescue team of 24, many more stories await to be told.


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– Interview – Kristine Cayne