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Happy Holidays friends and readers! Welcome to stop 69 on the hop! (Hmm… that should be my number on the Candy Cane Kink Giveaway Hop I’m also doing. Click here to enter that one too!)

Although everyone celebrates the holidays with different traditions and for a variety of reasons, most people do celebrate. It’s a time to share with those who mean the most to us. And for me, that includes you–my readers. January will mark the end of my first year as a self-publisher, and thanks to all of you, it’s been an amazing experience. This blog is my chance to give a little something back. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for the details on the giveaways and how to enter to win!

My Favorite Holiday Memory

When my oldest son was about four years old, he decided that all he wanted for Christmas was a beach ball because the one he’d gotten the previous summer had popped. He first mentioned this to me in early November, so for two months, I searched high and low for a beach ball. Ever try to find a beach ball in Chicago in the middle of winter? Talk about a mission impossible.

At the time, my husband was working in Memphis and was also searching for a beach ball, without much luck. When Christmas came around, I packed up the kids and drove sixteen long hours to my parents’ house. My husband was to join us there as he was flying in from Memphis. The whole trip, I obsessed about the fact that all my son wanted was stupid $2 beach ball, and I couldn’t give him one.

Fortunately, I’d brought his popped ball as a back up plan. I thought to give it to him attached to an IOU. Not that a four-year old would care about an IOU. The kid just wanted his ball. My brother-in-law, aka Mr. Fix-it, patched up the broken ball as best he could with his swimming pool liner repair kit. The ball could be blown up, but I could tell it wouldn’t last five minutes once my son started to play with it.

On Christmas eve, my husband flew into town, arriving just as our celebrations began. And in his bag, he had the best surprise of all — a brand new beach ball! How he managed to find it, I don’t know. He must have had some help from above. Later that night, my son whooped and hollered when he unwrapped the new beach ball “Santa” had brought him.

My husband, the hero, saved Christmas for my little boy, and a merry time was had by all.

* Sniff, sniff *

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Question: What’s your favorite holiday memory?

My Prizes

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Good luck and Happy Holidays!


68 Responses

  1. Love the beach ball story Kristine! Christmas is a hard time for me, 22 years ago Christmas Eve, my mother passed away suddenly, she was only 40. Three weeks ago my husband and I separated after 20 years. As far as a favorite memory, regretfully, I do not have any children but I have always been blessed to have a roof over my head, a job and wonderful friends who are like family. Thanks for the chance to win ~ Can't wait for Under His Command to release and the rest of your Six Alarm Sexy series! Merry Christmas to you & your family!

    • Oh, Missy. I'm so sorry. I'm glad that you have such good friends to help make this first year on your own an easier one. And Jamie from Under His Command will be there to keep you warm ๐Ÿ˜€ Merry Christmas and good luck with the giveaways!

  2. What a cute story, Kristine! Favorite memory was at 10 years old, I opened an envelope under the tree (I thought it was money) and it said to go look out back. There, tied to the fence, was my first horse with a red ribbon in her tail.

    Best wishes on your new series!!

    sherifredricks @charter .net

    • Sheri – that sounds like a wonderful Christmas memory! I remember wanting a horse when I was a young girl. Of course we lived in a townhouse… ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy holidays and best of luck with the giveaways!

  3. Favorite Christmas memory…that's a hard one. I've been blessed with many great Christmases, it's hard to pick one memory. I guess spending Christmas in Disneyland with my family a few years ago would have to top the list. We never could've never afforded to take our entire family to Disneyland and stay in the Disneyland Hotel, but my husband received the trip as a Christmas bonus. Much better than cash. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Finished Deadly Obsession a few days ago and loved it! Great read, Kristine! I can't wait to read the sequel and start on the new series.

    • Dana – that sounds like a terrific family holiday trip! I'm so glad you enjoyed Deadly Obsession. I hope that you will enjoy Deadly Addiction and Under His Command just as much. Happy Holidays!

  4. OH Kristine, I cried a little with your story. Wow! Those are the best really. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have so many great memories. But I guess in 1999, I was expecting my first child, she was ready to come out. She was not born in December, she waited one more week, but I remember my excitement and expectations. It was really a memorable Christmas.
    Happy Holiday!

    • Isabelle – I'm such a wuss that I got all teary-eyed as I was writing that story. I kept seeing his sincere little face when he'd tell me that really, a beach ball was the only item on his list. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even though y our daughter was a little late, I'm sure she was the best Christmas present you could have received! Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays and best of luck with the giveaways!

  5. favorite christmas memory of mine is visting an aunt who lived outta town and being able to skate on a REAL frozen pond w/ my cousins on christmas morning

  6. I've been blessed with many Christmas memories, but one of my favorite was the year my daughter gave me a baby bottle. You may ask "What the what?" She and her hubby had been trying to get pregnant for over a year. And that year, right before Christmas, she used the bottle as a way of announcing they were expecting.
    I now have a beautiful 10 year-old granddaughter named Gracie, because Grace is a gift from God.
    Two years after Gracie was born, my daughter gave birth to a son!

    Kristine, I just recently became acquainted with your books and I really, really like them. Looking forward to much more.

    Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

    Merry Christmas,

    GeeGee on Twitter

    • That is such a sweet story, Gail! I can imagine how elated you must have been when you opened your gift and saw that baby bottle. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm thrilled that you discovered my books and enjoy them. I love talking with readers, so be sure to keep in touch. Good luck with the giveaways and Happy Holidays!

  7. I have many great memories ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  8. I loved your story, I can just picture his face so excited. My favorite memory is when my son first realized/understood there was a Santa. His eyes lit up and his smile so bright. What the funny part was he had more fun with the boxes and paper than the toys LOL. Now he is a teen and I miss those days when he believed.

    Rafflecopter Name: Dawna Newman


  9. Christmas is my favorite holiday! Here we have snow every year during the holidays, so it's really beautiful! And of course I love spending time with my family!
    Merry Christmas to you! Thank you for the giveaway!

    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Every year we drive around and look at the lights and then come home and have cocoa and cookies and I love it Thanks for the great giveaway Merry Christmas.
    crystaley73 at yahoo dot com

  11. My favorite holiday memory is the year that my husband, our 3 boys, myself and my husband's cousin, wife and 2 kids went out in the woods on our property and cut down Christmas trees to bring home. My son and his cousin both found Charlie Brown trees for their rooms and brought them home and decorated them! They were so adorable I couldn't possibly laugh at them!

    Thank you for the giveaway and have a Happy Holiday!

  12. Thanks for the great hop.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  13. i'm looking forward to spending more time with my kids. some are out of the house either married or in college. so this is the one holiday i really get to spend with the whole family. i loved the blurb and can not wait to read the book! thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. Hi Kristine,
    My favorite Christmas memory is the last time I made walnut bread with my grandmother. She died a few weeks later. Though the new year opened with sadness in my heart, I got one last experience of joy with grandma before she passed away. Christmas is a special time for me because of that memory. It is very important to build a mental scrapbook of such experiences. Hope everyone's continues to expand. Happy Holidays!! susan_francesny[at]hotmail[dot]com

    • That is so bittersweet, Susan. But I'm glad you got to spend that precious one-on-one time with her while she was still able. I especially love your idea of a mental scrapbook. I think I'll be doing some scrapbooking of my own this year. Thank you! Happy Holidays and best of luck with the giveaways!

  15. When I was a kid, I would go caroling with my friends with our homemade instruments.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

    • That brings back memories, JanD! I used to do that when I was a girl guide. And when my youngest was in Boy Scouts, we also went caroling. There's something a little magical about it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Holidays and best of luck with the giveaways!

  16. Favorite memory is the times I got to share with my grandmother and grandfather on christmas. Grandma always got her shopping done. You could tell when she started we were not allowed in her room. It makes me miss her. It's been fourteen years since her death

    raonaid at gmail dot com

  17. Happy Happy Holidays! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    My fav thing about the holidays are the awesome sparkly lights! We drive around on Christmas Eve and see them all while singing along with carols on the radio! When I was a kid my grandpa started the tradition.

    • This is a great tradition, April! I love the idea of driving around to see the amazing Christmas decorations and singing carols as you go. Sounds like such fun! Happy Holidays and best of luck with the giveaways!

  18. i love looking at the christmas lights and i also love the hot cocoa i love dedcorating for christmas as well

  19. first christmas with my husband. It was just us and we just had a nice time with just the 2 of us! Now we have 5 kids…not so alone:)
    Happy Holidays!

  20. Every Christmas eve we go out to dinner and then come home to watch the movie Elf.
    Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Holidays!

  21. Hello, thanks for the giveaway! I have so many favorite Christmas memories. I just can't choose a favorite, because I love everything about this holiday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. when my grandmother came up from florida to stay for christmas
    kaholgate at ymail dot com

  23. I really enjoy the holiday season. I enjoy the smells, the food and lights. Oh and the music too. Not much into baking anymore. But I do enjoy tasting, ask my scales. Tee Hee. Thanks for being on the Holiday Blog Hop. Great blog.

  24. Happy Holidays! Great giveaway! Favorite memory is watching my children open their presents.


  25. I love Christmas memories!!! Merry Christmas!!!
    Favorite memory was getting my first dog, Snoopy for Christmas!!! Had him until I turned 15 years old! I was only 3 years old when I got him ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. My favorite holiday memory is made every year when I watch the kids open their gifts! hthurmeier @ gmail . com

  27. My favorite holiday memory is of my grandfather and I decorating the tree.


  28. My favorite holiday memory is the year that my husband, our 3 boys, myself and my husband's cousin, wife and 2 kids went out in the woods on our property and cut down Christmas trees to bring home. My son and his cousin both found Charlie Brown trees for their rooms and brought them home and decorated them! They were so adorable I couldn't possibly laugh at them!

    Thank you for the giveaway and have a Happy Holiday!

  29. I love that story Kristine! My favorite holiday memory is the Christmas my family spent in Australia. My oldest daughter was only 3 at the time, and it was about 80 degrees out. My parents couldn't find a Christmas tree anywhere! They finally found one that looked suspiciously like Charlie Brown's tree. It was awesome!
    Sheri –

  30. Opening presents when I was little.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  31. My favorite holiday memory is waking up to a white Christmas when I was five or six, it was just so beautiful! It hasn't happened since then, I keep my fingers crossed each year but oh well.

  32. My favorite x-mas was Tatiana's first Christmas with us. She was in awe at her gifts

  33. Fun memory – reminds me of the year the only thing my daughter wanted was "the little singing snow men" she saw on a Hallmark commercial. Of course they were sold out everywhere. We recruited a lot of help and got six variations on the singing snowmen, but not the exact one she wanted.

  34. Decorating the tree at my Grandparents how with all the other cousins!

    Thanks for the chance to win ๐Ÿ™‚
    raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  35. My favorite memory is going to the Theatre for a Fairytaile production on the 24th with my sisters. In the meantime my parents would decorate the tree, but we did not get to see it until it got dark. Those were the longest afternoon ever. I should mention I grew up in Germany and we did not put our tree up until the 24th. It was such a magical time.


  36. My favorite holiday memories are still happening, I love listening to my son sing during the Christmas Eve program at church!
    smoofrog at gmail dot com

  37. What an awesome hop!! And a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!! I have a lot of favorite memories. One of them is always making sugar cookies on christmas eve with my cousins and my mema. Then we'd open presents, and talk about family stories. So many funny ones! Happy holidays to you all! Best wishes and many blessings!

  38. My favorite thing about this season is cookies; I love making and eating them. Everyone is so willing to share.
    planterofhope at aol dot com

  39. I love Christmas and everything about it:) But this year has been so much fun with my 3 year old, he is so excited! I love your beach ball story:) Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!

  40. I'm spending this holiday season with my family and hoping to win so I can read more romances. I don't have an ereader. Happy Holidays! lisarayns at gmail dot com

  41. My favorite holiday memory? Just seeing my mom. She past away 2 yrs ago and it was her fav holiday. She went all out with the decoration, food, presents. I miss her sooo much.
    Happy Holidays, Big Hugs
    Missie Jones
    missie25524 @netzero .com

  42. Being with my mom her last Christmas the year I turned 13.

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