Series Overview

The main themes of this series are: twisted secrets, extreme passions, and deadly desires.

The Deadly Vices romantic suspense series centers around the hero of Deadly Obsession and his friends. Each book features a different hero, and the heroine who will challenge him and ultimately help him defeat the villain. Because I love learning about new new cultures and societies, the books take place in a variety of locations (from LA to Montreal to Afghanistan) where part of the hero and/or heroine’s struggle is in dealing with the unknown: cultural, religious, political, economic, and language-based issues.

These books are gritty and as realistic as possible. The heroes think, act, and speak like men who live on the edge. And there is nothing sugar-coated about their sex lives. These books are one steamy ride! Okay, well, several. 😀

As all good villains, my villains believe they are heroes and heroines. They are doing the wrong things for all the right reasons. Depending on your point of view, you may love them or hate them. But in all cases, they are a match for the hero and heroine.



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