Six Alarm Sexy Prequel


With divorce papers on the table, technical rescue firefighter Jamie Caldwell must decide whether to sign them or fight for his marriage. Despite their less-than-perfect love story, he still wants his wife and the family they’ve created together, but how can he save his marriage when everything he’s done isn’t good enough?

Erica Caldwell has loved Jamie since the day they met and hates that their family is being torn apart. She’s tried to fix things. But how can a marriage work when two people are unable to communicate? When their mutual trust has been eroded by years of unspoken desires and pent-up frustrations?

A devastating earthquake puts Jamie and Erica to the test when she and their daughter are trapped in the wreckage of a collapsed building. Jamie has defied the odds hundreds of times during hundreds of rescues, but he’s never faced the loss of his family. Will his luck hold, or will he never hold Erica in his arms again?